What my customers say...

“Oh my I don’t even know where to start. I have been using Grandma Fannie products since May 2022 and I am thoroughly pleased with my results. I can visibly notice the difference. My skin is more glowy and moisturized. I use the Rosewood Cassis soap along with the Mango whipped butter. Love love love it. Thanks Grandma Fannie!“ ~ Delighted Customer

“Grandma Fannie’s keeps me moisturized and glowing. The soaps smell amazing and you can tell that they are handcrafted with love.” ~ Satisfied Customer

"I cannot say enough good things about Grandma Fannie’s “Pumpkin Serum”!! I use it every day under my make-up - and it has made my skin smoother and more silky than it has ever been. I have always had sensitive skin but this wonderful Serum has given me no problems at all --just made my skin better and healthier. Thank you so much for this terrific product – it’s a delight!"   ~Esther~

"I want to share my experience with one of my favorite products:  Maya's Luscious Body Butter!  I tend to have patches of skin that are a bit dry, and absolutely love the oil blend at the base of this product!  Paired with my favorite bar of Grandma Fannie's handcrafted soap, my skin is as smooth as butter!  I would highly recommend this luscious lavender butter to anyone with thirsty skin; it will drink it right up."  ~Maya Mason~

"I love Maya's Luscious Lavender Body Butter.  As I age gracefully, I've noticed my skin has gotten drier.  I wanted something that provided moisture, but wasn't greasy.  I regularly use many of Grandma Fannies products, and I tried Maya's Luscious Lavender Body Butter and it was exactly what I needed.  It's light and a little goes a long way.  No more dry skin!!  You'll want this butter in you life!" ~Linda~ 

"I am so excited! I received my package and having a ball checking all my merchandise! I'm loving this!!"   ~Connie~

 "Thank you for your soaps and body care. As the weather gets cooler, I am noticing that I haven't yet had the need to use any body lotion. There is plenty of nourishment in your soaps for my skin, and this is so unusual this time of year to not use any lotion."   ~Niyati~

 "My husband and I adore your creations!"   ~Rebecca~

"I absolutely love all of Grandma Fannie’s  soaps, bath salts, and body butters! I have been using a variety of the soaps for years now, and I could never go back! My favorite is the activated charcoal soap. It gives my skin a good cleaning, and also gives me just the right amount of moisture. I would highly recommend all of the available products, and I am at ease knowing that they are made with love and exceptional ingredients."   ~Maya~

"I love Grandma Fannie’s Mango Body Butter & Peppermint Foot Balm. The Mango Body Butter is wonderful. It’s so smooth and creamy. It glides over the skin and moisturizing like nothing I’ve ever used before. A little goes a long way!!  The Peppermint Foot Balm moisturizes my feet like magic! It soothes and softens the skin with just a small amount. I use it everyday and notice the improved condition of my skin.  Try them! You won’t be disappointed."   ~Linda~

"I love this soap! Bath product research has never been at the top of my list, but my partner put me on to this wonderful line of soaps, oils, balms, and lotions --- and I have not used anything else since. It's well made, smells wonderful, cleanses my skin, and has got me gleaming. I can't wait to try more products!"     ~Taylor~

 "I've been using Grandma Fannie's products for a few years and I absolutely love them!  They've been my preferred soaps and lotions since I discovered them and would (and do!) recommend them to everyone I meet.  Everything I've tried lasts longer than expected and as both a new mom and someone with a severe dairy allergy very much appreciate Rebecca's attention to detail in creating, crafting and explaining her wares."     ~Gina~

I have been a user of the Grandma Fannies soaps, shea butters and lip balms since the products were initially, developed. Owner, Rebecca Adams has taken the time to craft her talent and love for natural skincare products. The soaps range from “smell good to addressing “problem skin”.  I love the variation of scents and transparency of ingredients on the packaging. The soap is easy to use and forms a nice lather while maintaining its fragrance each time. I highly recommend You try using the products!     ~Alicia~

 "I am Emmett and I am 14 years old.  I have used the Mango Lotion Bar.  Great lotion. Moisturizes my hands without leaving them feeling greasy or gritty, which is a quality that is fairly rare but also very important in lotion.  Smells really good.  Also, Rebecca Adams is a super amazing person!"   ~Emmett~

 Each time I use Grandma Fannie's goods, my heart feels a solemn "Thank you for your love, Rebecca."  You feel the love, care and thought in Rebecca's handmade products. She cares for both mother nature and her consumers' welfare. Her deep sense of care goes into every bit of the production process.  I've been using her bath soaps, body lotion and lip balms over many months now with no dry skin, reactions or oily residue. Each product has lasted long and is well worth its value. Rebecca takes all feedback to heart and makes certain to deliver optimum quality and great choices.   ~Niyati~

I have known Rebecca for a very long time through a Spiritual practice we both love and enjoy!  Everything was arranged in a way to create happiness for others and it has been an honor working with Rebecca in this project together.  I don't think I can use any other products than hers.  The smell, quality, and the LOVE she has put in her work is amazing!  Just try it and you can immediately feel the miraculous difference.  She has so much LOVE for God, people, and nature that I am truly inspired by her passion!  Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation.     ~Nancy~