About Me

Hello, and thank you for visiting my online store!

My name is Rebecca Adams, and I am the owner of Grandma Fannie’s Handcrafted Soaps & More. I was influenced by my own Grandma Fannie when I was about 5 years old living in Alabama. Grandma Fannie always had such a positive influence on my life and brought about my passion for making soap. She lived on 5 acres of land in a rural farming community with her mother and daughter. Her land was sustainable, boasting well water, chickens, cows, pigs, fruit trees, berries, and a smokehouse. Everything had a purpose and nothing ever went to waste.

Our food was made from scratch daily, there was never a frozen meal or the use of artificial ingredients. Grandma Fannie was living “organic” before the term was even coined! She created soap in a cauldron, and it always fascinated me. The unscented soap was used to wash our clothes, but never our bodies. My family migrated to Illinois for better opportunities and left Grandma Fannie behind but I never forgot about her and her soap. I hope to soon return to her land to pay homage and create something beautiful.

Years later, a dear friend and my beekeeping mentor told me that she makes soap and it made me think of Grandma Fannie. She showed me how she creates her soap in her kitchen sans a cauldron; how exciting! We started creating soap together, adding scents, packaging finished soap in shoeboxes to cure, formulating the beginning of my soap journey. I fell in love! Sorrows fell amongst my teachers home, and unfortunately, we were never able to make soap together again. I brought my interests to a few professional classes, which allowed me to start making soap and selling it at local craft fairs.

Soap making has become therapeutic and borderline addictive for me. I have been creating soap since September 2016, and I love that it is an open canvas. Soaping is an extension of my creative side which has allowed me to delve into French cooking, massage therapy, organic gardening, and even my own eco-friendly cleaning company!

I create all of my products in small, handcrafted batches, and I prefer to use essential oil’s as opposed to fragrance oils, as they are man-made. I am now creating soaps, body butters, foot balms, lip balms, anti-aging serums, beard oils, massage/body oils, bath salts, and gardening soaps. I am proud to say that I have accomplished everything I desire to create, but I am still perfecting liquid soap, dog shampoo, and maybe even toothpaste and deodorant!

It brings me great joy and satisfaction to offer products that I have created from nature to result in pampering, personal care. I love utilizing botanicals and try to showcase reverence for nature through my products. I use as many organic ingredients as possible, as well as utilizing sustainable and gourmet oils. I will ALWAYS commit to NEVER use artificial ingredients of any kind in any of my products. You have my guarantee!



I am about to create a SOAP for you!